Calea Rahovei 147-153, Palatul Bragadiru, Spatiul &, Sector 5, Bucuresti
+40 769 771 991

Flair Angel is bar opened on September 8, 2011 inside the Bragadiru Palace, Calea Rahovei/ 147-153, Sector 5, Bucharest

The bar wears the name of the former Exquisite Bar Solutions team member, Bogdan Costiniu ( deceased 2010 ), who introduced himself in national and international bartending competitions, and also flair shows with the stage name “ Flair Angel ”

The description spirit / sugar / water / bitter, comes from the first printed definition of the term “cocktail”, who appeared in the New York gazette “ The Balance and Columbian Repository ” on May 13th, 1806.

“Cock-tail is a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters—it is vulgarly called a bittered sling…”

Flair Angel is the Set Standard for the Hospitality Industry in Romania, also being is the business card of Exquisite Bar Solutions Professional Bartending Agency.
Find out why, every bartender in the Flair Angel Team are internationally awarded, and why the drinks that they make are unique!
Flair Angel Bar!

From the Menu

– competition winning cocktail
-GLASS: coupe / chunk of ice
GARNISH: parmesan biscuit
50 ml Diplomatico FW truffle*
10 ml Cynar
40 ml fresh pineapple juice
20 ml matcha spiced syrup**
5 banana slices

*Diplomatico rum fortified with truffles using the “fat wash” technique
** homemade syrup obtained from matcha tea and chili tincture “

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